Simple and tasty recipes to cook are a key to success. Time is important an important factor for a successful life so you want recipes you can create with minimal effort. Taste is also a critical factor, or you are not going to enjoy the food you are eating and will want to go back to your old ways. If you don’t like cooking it is because no one ever taught you before. Well no worries Chef Steve is here to save you!

A major change a lot of you are going to have to make is learning to cook without oil. I see it used everywhere. You have two new options that you will switch between depending on the food. It will be 0 calorie cooking spray, and water.

You will use water for almost everything. Frying chicken, you will use water in the pan. This helps keep the chicken moist. When frying ground beef, you will also use water in the pan. Again, this keeps the meat moist and taste better.

The zero-calorie cooking spray will be used for cases where water would ruin the dish as it requires a non-stick surface. Such as frying an egg. This is in rare instances. Trust me water will work amazing for your meats if you want to use a frying pan.