When all the countries of the world began their lockdowns, the gyms were also closed. An environment with some of the healthiest and strongest people around. For many of us this ruined our motivation. How are we going to be able to do resistance training to keep our muscle mass? How are going to be able to do a quality workout to keep our daily calorie deficit? For people who just began exploring the gym and working out, these weren’t even questions you were asking as your motivation was ripped right away by your governments. I discovered the solution to this was calisthenics.

Chapter 2.1 Exercise Science contains the simple truth for building muscle and losing weight. You will learn Training for Muscle Mass (body building) vs Strength (power lifting), Time Under Tension, and Going Until Failure.

Chapter 2.2 Workout Routines contains the five routines that you will be doing which include: chest, back, legs, shoulders, and abs. You will learn numerous exercises for each muscle group.